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Naturists Begin to Really Enjoy Being "Smoothies"


By Kathy Hammond


The Midas Touch 800 Intimate Shaver (left) and free trimmer from
The Better Living Network


There's been much talk, (and action), of late in regards to nudists who choose to have smoothly shaven bodies.

Many of us for years have had to use the old, tedious methods of razors, waxes, threading, etc. - To get our bodies hair free, especially in intimate areas. This has always been a chore at best - And at worst, a painful experience to say the least!

Finally, an intelligent company with foresight is fulfilling the needs of a long overdue market with their personal shavers.

The Better Living Network, located in South Carolina - USA, has appeared out of nowhere to take the intimate hair removal industry to new heights.

Now anyone can enjoy partial or complete "hairlessness" in about the time it takes to brush your teeth. This is achieved with their unique micro-screen technology, which in essence, produces a small battery powered shaver that fits in the palm of your hand and can be used on any skin type - Even where acne, rashes and skin irritations exist.


And ... No more bumps, cuts, scrapes, burns or ingrown hairs that you get from conventional shaving instruments. The area is shaved dry after a slight application of baby powder or talcum powder, which allows the area being shaved to be moisture free and oil free - As well as doing away completely with friction between skin and shaving apparatus. The shaver actually feels like a smooth piece of glass when contacting the skin.

Top it all off with the fact that the shaver is very reasonably priced, includes a money-back guarantee and free shipping ... As well as a bonus free longer hair shaver for trimming down hair that is longer than a short "stubble" before the personal shaver is used - And you've got an instant dream come true for those of us who've been toiling with the old, outdated methods of intimate hair removal.

The shavers can be safely and effectively used on any part of the human anatomy including head, chest, arms, legs, face, neck, back, feet, bikini lines, vagina and even men's genitals. Truly, this represents a revolution in the way we deal with tiresome chores such as personal shaving and is sure to redefine how we approach activities, that until now, could be downright dangerous!

For more information, simply visit The Better Living Network Website