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Feature Article "Many Naturists Enjoy being Smoothies!"
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Smoothies do it better!

Midas Touch 8000 for intimate shaving

Smooth Naturists


Smooth naturists are naturists who remove their body hair. Most just remove their pubic hair, others remove all body hair They are often  known as smoothies.

If you compare naturist pictures from 30 years ago you'll find that then most women's genitals were completely hidden under a thick mat of hair. Today most women trim their pubic hair and many remove it completely to reveal the beauties of their venus mound and vulva. Likewise, many men remove some or all of the hair around their penis and scrotum.

The partial or complete  removal of pubic hair has been practised by many societies in the past. The recent trend probably started amongst textiles - as swimsuits and bikinis became more revealing it became necessary to  remove more of the pubic hair. Some removed it completely. The increasing interest in sexual pleasure and oral sex probably also influenced this trend.. For many naturists it became  regarded as the ultimate form of nudity.

Pubic hair serves no useful purpose in humans and there are good reasons for going smooth.

  • It looks and feels great!

  • It is cleaner and more hygienic, especially for women.

  • The smooth skin is more sensitive and it enhances sexual pleasure in many ways!

The removal of hair is called depilation and there are several methods:

1) Wet Shave For the first time it is best to cut the hair as short as possible with scissors. Then make sure the area is wet and soapy, you may want to do this in the bath or shower. The soap acts as a lubricant; preferably use a shaving foam for sensitive skin. To avoid any cuts, make sure the skin is flat, stretching out the folds with your fingers.

Many people complain about itching skin after shaving. This is caused by razor burn and ingrowing hair. To prevent this, when you have finished shaving, dry the skin and rub in an antiseptic cream and dust with baby powder. Repeat this each time you shower or bath. Remember to shave regularly; at least  three times a week. After a few weeks your skin will become accustomed to shaving and you shouldn't get any more problems. Wet shaving remains popular, but there are alternatives, including some interesting new developments.

2) Electric Shaver Some smoothies prefer to use an electric shaver.  Normal electric shavers often cause skin burn and can bite into loose or sensitive skin and the results can be painful.

A new 'intimate shaver' has recently become available which is designed specifically for shaving the pubic area it has a  special 'micro mesh' This shaver is highly recommended for smooth naturists and is supplied free with a trimmer for removing longer hair and is now exclusively available from a  EuroNaturist partner:

The Midas Touch 8000  Personal Intimate Shaver, with it's unique Micro-Fine Shaving Screen Technology, is a shaver  specially designed for shaving your pubic areas. It is is ideal for the smooth naturist. Get a smoother shave without all the problems, cuts, marks, razor burn, stubble or ingrown hairs! It's battery powered and can be delivered worldwide!  It includes a free longer hair trimmer!  Just click here for full details of how to get your Personal Shaver

3) Epilators These are electrical devices and look much like an electric shaver. The difference is that epilators actually pull out the hair by the root using rows of rotary tweezers. This can be quite painful and the effect may last for up to two weeks. This is not permanent and the hair will regrow. The hair has to be a reasonable length, although some manufacturers claim their products will remove hair of only 0.5 mm. Braun and other shaving manufacturers also sell epilators.

4) Waxing and Sugaring This method involves spreading the wax or sugaring paste over the hairy skin and pressing a muslin  or cotton strip onto it. When the wax or sugaring paste is dry, the cotton strip is pulled off taking the hair with it. Again this is quite painful and the hair will regrow .  The hair usually needs to be at least 3mm long for this treatment to work effectively. Various complete kits are widely available.

5 Hair removers  These products are widely available and come in the form of lotions and creams and they chemically dissolve the hair at the surface of the skin. The lotion/cream is spread over the hairy area and then left for a specified period of time (5 or 10 minutes is common), the hair can then be scraped off with a spatula that is normally provided. Read the instructions! It is advisable to test these products on a small area first as they can cause allergic reactions. Also, some products are not suitable for use around the genitals. These products do not prevent re-growing of the hair and cannot be used frequently as the hair needs to be grown to a reasonable length before using them again.

6) IPL Epilight, Lasers and Electrolysis These methods prevent hair regrowth by damaging the hair follicle. They may  need to be applied several times, but each treatment should  result in long-term or permanent hair loss . These methods require specialist equipment and  are generally performed at a special clinic or beauty centre by qualified professionals. They commonly do bikini lines and other unwanted body hair, but they may not be prepared to remove all your pubic hair. Home kits can cause permanent skin damage if misused and are not recommended!

Electrolysis involves killing the root of each hair individually using a pencil like devices witch tips which delivers an electric current to the root. The current needs to be applied for several seconds.  It is generally only used for small amounts of unwanted hair and can be painful. 

Laser treatment uses pulses of light which are absorbed by the melanin present in the hair follicles. This damages the follicles preventing regrowth. IPL Epilight works in a similar way, using  intense pulsed light (IPL) technology to damage the follicles. Both these methods only work if there is a good contrast between skin colour and hair colour. It is most effective with dark hair and fair skin. They do not work well on light coloured hair or tanned skin.

7) Hair Growth Inhibitors A number of these products are available.  These are lotions which, when applied to hairy areas, claim to inhibit hair growth and eventually lead to little or no hair growing. Some of these products are not very effective. Ultra Hair Away from Victoria Body Products is a well known and tried product and this is what we recommend. Many naturists use this product and find it very effective. It is easy to use, natural and  painless and can safely be used on sensitive skin.  We recommend that you shave before first applying the product and continue to shave until hair growth stops.  The first results should become visible in less than a month and within a few months hair growth should have largely stopped and you will only need to apply the lotion every two or three weeks. It is fairly cheap and two bottles should be enough for the first year, after that you will only need very little! To find out more, or to buy it, Click here


Why do we have pubic hair anyway?

It's certainly not to keep your genitals warm!  Many animals have some sort of visual indicator that they have reached maturity and they are ready for sexual intercourse and reproduction. It is likely that human pubic hair played this role in earlier stages of our evolution. Another less likely theory is that the hair helps to retain scents attractive to the opposite sex.