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Country Information - Naturist places & info

This page contains links to the web sites with information about naturism in specific countries and is useful if you live in, or are visiting these countries. They contain information about naturist beaches, centres, holidays etc.

The National and International Organization Links page contains links to the major European Naturist organization websites
The Other Naturist Links pages contains general information sites, personal sites, picture sites etc.

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The Croatian Adriatic coast is one of the most naturist friendly places in Europe. The first official naturist beach was opened in 1934 and there are now more than 30 official naturist beaches.

Naturist holidays and nudist beaches in Croatia


Croatia Naturally This is a great site for anyone planning to visit Croatia. This site contains comprehensive information including beach reports, photographs and more.




Naturism is popular in France  and there are many public naturist locations. France also  has a number of naturist holiday centres which are famous all over Europe

Le Cap d'Agde

Le Cap d'Agde - Large Naturist holiday centre in the south of France. This Nude city is one of the best known naturist centres in the world.

Naturist site from France with naturist pictures

NATAREA : Naturism in France - A personal website where you will find all naturist resorts in France and a lot of free naturist pictures and videos.

Naturist resort in France

Euronat - Large naturist holiday village on the south west coast of France. A vast stretch of white sand bordered by dunes and pine forest. Multilingual site.

La Jenny

La Jenny  Naturist holiday center by the coast in south west France. Multilingual site




Germany is the father of naturism and is is still very popular amongst the German people and widely tolerated. The coastline is fairly small with limited periods of good weather. There are plenty of opportunism for naturism inland  around inland water and even in public city parks. Naturism is known as FKK in German, just look out for the FKK signs



FKK guide for FKK beaches and holidays

FKK Reiseführer - German FKK travel guide.



Naturism is popular and widely tolerated in the Netherlands. There are over 50 official  public naturist locations in this small country. These are generally on the coast or around the many inland areas of water. 



NATURISME IN NEDERLAND -  Extensive guide to naturist beaches, camping, clubs and pools in The Netherlands. In Dutch with some English.

Naturistisch Nederland

Naturistisch Nederland - Extensive guide to all naturist beaches, camping and clubs in The Netherlands. Click 'Dagrecreatie' for a clickable map with details (and some photos) of the naturist beaches.

Flevo Natuur - Naturist holidat centre in Holland

FlevoNatuur - Naturist Camp Site and Holiday Park located in Flevoland, The Netherlands (near Amsterdam). Multilingual site



There are many naturist beaches in this country and its islands. These are probably more popular with tourists than they are with the locals. Naturism can also be practiced in other isolated areas.

Naturist beaches,  nudist beaches in Spain

La Vida Naturista  - The Naturist life in Spain: Information about naturism in Spain (in Spanish & English). Look for "Listado de Playas naturistas" for a list of naturist beaches organized by province.

Club Català de Naturisme  - Naturist organization of Catalonia. (Catalan & Spanish). Information about Catalan naturism including information and pictures for beaches in Catalonia (Barcelona & Costa Brava) and the Balearic islands. For beaches see 'platges nudistes'.
Eagle Peak, Spain Eagle Peak is a small complex of 6 luxury privately owned apartments for holiday rental with a naturism optional policy. Located in Almunecar - Costa Tropical - Spain.




There is limited public tolerance of naturism in this country with about 10 official nude beaches, mainly in isolated areas. However there is a very active naturist movement with private clubs and organised  swims all over the country.


Naturist UK Fact File (NUFF)


Naturist UK Fact File (NUFF) - This is probably the most complete and up-to-date guide to official  UK naturism on the web: beaches, clubs, swims etc. A one stop guide to UK naturism.


Eureka - open naturist club in Kent, England.

Eureka Naturist Club - This is a large independent club in Kent, UK. Near London  with good facilities and lots of activities. Open to day visitors.  This club is known for its liberal attitudes which may offend some naturists.



OK, it's not in Europe, but it is a popular holiday destination for Europeans. Despite its claims to be 'the land of the free', this 'freedom' is somewhat limited by many European standards!  Many areas are very conservative and naturist visitors are recommended to stick to designated areas. It does have some great naturist resorts and beaches!



The Terra Cotta Inn in Palm Springs, CA, USA - A Premier Clothing Optional Resort & Spa. We were written up in the Chicago Tribune as one of the TOP 10 BEST clothing optional resorts in the world! There were only 4 chosen in the US. We were featured in Newsweek Magazine in a 3/4 page article "Small Businesses: Big Results" as being one of the best small businesses in the world. And we are a naturist resort! We are a nice holiday maker where you can come and relax and let us pamper you guys:-)




Naturist resort in the Dominican Republic

Eden Bay Resort - all inclusive naturist resort in Dominican Republic


Praia  do  Pinho-Brazil - Stay at the  best naturist beach in Brazil in this beach resort.