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Howard Fricker's Nude Photography

Euro Naturist  would like to introduce you to the work of a naturist photographer called Howard Fricker (seen on the right). Howard specialises in nude photography. Carol, who appears elsewhere on Euro Naturist, has been photographed by Howard.

Howard has his own web site at  where you can see more examples of his work.

Howard writes -

"My name is Howard Fricker, I am a naturist and photographer living in the north of England.I try to show through my photography the natural beauty of the nude body,part of this beauty is the inherent sexuality of the nude. I believe that this should have it's natural place within naturism, not dominant but also not ignored as if it were not there.Together with my models I try to bring out the sexuality and sensuality of the nude through my photography. We should enjoy our natural state, in all it's forms."

Click on the images below to view samples  of Howard's photographs at  full size.